Louise Maclaren

From the landscape, without and within.

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Reflections on Landscape – Louise Maclaren

Landscape is an open space but a safe space where I can always start from. I find my meaning in its elements whether it is coast, field, wood or hill.

Since I have been studying Post Graduate Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, I have been drawn back from the cityscape into a landscape. Now with the effects of the virus for me this process has been in reverse: Like many of us experiencing another world around us. Even so this is where I can re-discover my primordial instinct within my observations and actions.

 My Work at NUA has been intertwined with personal circumstances that have led me to get rid of/cleanse my own personal belongings and old work. On one hand my work has been about 3 dimensional sculpture that is created in nature using natural found objects that will disappear into the landscape, eroded away either by the elements or by human or animal interventions. I call them ‘Transient Actions’ because they are an act of making something that will disappear. Key to my works are the implications of their impact on the environment through either their production or my own actions and that of Audiences.