Louise Maclaren

Growing up on the tip of the South Downs, Louise grew up with an appreciation of the archaic chalk hills sweeping the southern landscape. As a teenager her work was influenced by the Nash brothers; John and Paul’s contrasting renderings of post war Britain.

‘Home’ was divided between Sussex and East Anglia after her parents separated; she often said that ‘it was the best of both worlds’; Constable country with its soft edges and the dramatic rolling South Downs. She now lives and works in Norfolk, rendering her ideas from the wide skies of its coastal-scape to it’s cityscapes.

She has seen it’s many changes which have also reflected the seasons in her life; The progression of her work over the years has encompassed an illustrative style in her paintings, portraiture and printmaking practice, whilst achieving art accolades in her studies. Alongside this as an Arts Educator she has led projects for a variety of organizations such as; Action for Children and the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS foundation trust.

After attending worthing Art College, her sculptural skills were developed during her earlier career as an apprentice Antiques Restorer then as a Carver and Gilder.

More recently Louise likes to work in a multidisciplinary way using her previously long creative experience as a vehicule of her research into practice.

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